SEO Basics: Competitor Research 101

SEO Basics: Competitor Research 101

You’ve got a small business website or a blog and you’ve mastered getting the “green light” on Yoast. You know the SEO basics right? Actually, technically, you know content optimisation basics – SEO is a big area and as a content writer/creator, you should probably know basic competitor research too – if you need more […]


Embed an iPhone compatible photo slideshow in your website

Yesterday, I came across SlideMyPics – an awesome free online tool that creates instant HTML5 photo gallery slideshows to embed in your website or blog using photo albums from your Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, Photobucket or Smugmug account. You can even include a soundtrack using music from YouTube. Why is this awesome? Unfortunately it doesn’t connect to […]


Not all graphic designers are good web designers

I’ve recently come across some issues with Geraldton business websites that were produced by ‘graphic designers’ as opposed to specialist ‘web designers’. Despite being great looking websites, they lack fundamental SEO properties, the home page real-estate isn’t optimised for clicks above the scroll, and in some cases the navigation and action buttons don’t work on […]