Aussie Sheds

Aussie Sheds Home Page

Aussie Sheds operates in a competitive environment and they were not coming up strongly against competitors in search engine results in their key markets of Geraldton, Perth and the North West. They didn’t feel they were getting the best value from their current Google Adwords agency based in Melbourne. We were engaged to rebuild their site to reflect their new brand and improve their search engine results.

Our solution

After an SEO audit, we discovered their current website and Google Adwords account weren’t optimised for the right keywords and the site was missing essential SEO code. As a result, they were missing out on a whole bunch of traffic. We rebuilt their website to optimise it for organic search engine results and Google Adwords landing pages. We then provided a full SEO service and set-up and started managing their Google Adwords.

The results

In the first month of their new website, daily traffic increased by 70% and their quotation requests (conversions) more than doubled.