Online Marketing Campaigns

Synchronise your efforts for best results

Are you launching a new business or new brand?

Do you want help promoting your event or sale to boost attendance?

Do you want to acquire more new customers?

Are you after a cost-effective way to promote and fundraise for your cause?

Do you want to get more value from your existing customers?

Whatever your business need, we can come up with an online marketing campaign to meet your objectives.

Get Measurable Results

Online marketing campaigns are terrific because you get detailed traffic and click reports from each of the online services used including Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Facebook Insights to name a few. This means you can easily measure your Return on Investment (ROI) including the Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) or how much each new lead/email address or customer cost you to acquire.

In addition to measurable results, online marketing campaigns can be run at a fraction of the price of offline direct marketing and advertising campaigns, making it a great option for non-profit and small business promotion.

Build your List of Prospective Customers

We will help you put your brand in front of more eyeballs, drive clicks to your website or Page, build a list of email addresses or fans and ultimately drive sales.

Your Online Marketing Campaign Plan

To motivate action, the campaign can be based around a competition, coupon giveaway or prize incentive. Or if you simply want to boost awareness and drive more website traffic, then we can put together an online advertising campaign to place your brand in front of your target audience.

Your campaign may also include ‘offline’ marketing activities to increase the impact.

We’ll start by understanding your objectives and then your target audience and how they interact with both offline and online media and put together a plan within your budget which may include:

  • Social media (we’re experts at Facebook competitions)
  • SMS and mobile marketing
  • Email
  • Online (and offline) advertising
  • Search engine marketing
  • Content marketing (blogs, videos, photos, slideshows)
  • Online PR and social networking
  • Campaign website
  • Posters or postcards.

We’ll then work alongside you to implement the plan, coaching you along the way – providing you with tools and knowledge to do it yourself in future if you prefer.

Contact us to plan your online marketing campaign today.