Social Media Marketing

Social Media recommendations

It’s all about word-of-mouth promotion.

There’s more to social media marketing than setting up a Facebook page. It’s about about making genuine personal connections with your stakeholders – whether they’re customers, staff, media or other interested parties.

It’s about inspiring your stakeholders and making it easy for them to promote you and interact with you in their social networks and online hangouts.

Any website or application that lets people contribute, comment or share is social media. Most businesses these days have some form of social media sharing or user contribution. If you don’t, it’s time to get on board.

Why is social media marketing important?

  • It’s great SEO

The more times your brand is mentioned or linked to in social media, the better your SEO or visibility in search engines. This could simply be a mention in a Twitter post, Facebook page status, or recommendation in a forum to name a few.

  • It informs purchasing decisions

Customers no longer want to be told how, what and where to buy. They research online, ask their friends, read reviews, articles and blogs to help them make the best decision.

  • It builds connection and trust with your customers

Customers want to make informed purchases from companies who take the time to understand their needs and interact with them on their level.

How should you use social media?

Every organisation is different. Depending on where you are, what you do and who your target audience is will influence how you should use social media. There’s no one size fits all. A Facebook page, YouTube channel, Twitter or Google+ profile is not for everyone.

In addition to the mainstream social networks, there are also thousands of other popular or niche social media communities. Some are based around consumer services such as Zomato (Restaurants) and Trip Advisor (Travel), or around media such as Instagram (Photos), Vimeo (Videos) or (Music). People interact with these online communities in the following ways:

  1. Contribute user-generated content
  2. Search, browse, consume and share the content
  3. Review and provide feedback on the content.

And increasingly, people are engaging with them on their mobile devices as well as on the web. These days people spend more time using social media than watching television – most use both at the same time!

Following a consultation, we will advise the right social media strategy for your business to reach and engage your target audience.

Our Social Media Marketing Services

  • Social Media Marketing Plan:  We can help you put together a holistic social media marketing plan to meet your business objectives.
  • Social Media Account Creation:  We can help you set up and run your own profiles and help you build your community.
  • Online Marketing Campaigns: We can develop an online marketing campaign that leverages social media to build your database, increase your brand awareness and drive referrals.
  • Social Media Advertising: We can create banner ads and run them in social networks frequented by your target audience.
  • Content Marketing – We can produce unique content to promote your brand, products or services including video, slideshows, photos, infographics or blogs.
  • Social Media in Your Website: We can build or modify your website to include social media connection and sharing.

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