Why hair and beauty salons need a website

Are you one of those people who chop and change hairdressers and beauty therapists regularly? Or do you stick to one particular salon or one particular stylist?

Me, I’m a hair and beauty monogamist. I find ‘the one’ and I stick to him or her until either I move or they do. And I can honestly say that when that happens I feel heartbroken.

Hair & beauty therapy is about relationships

I left a 7 year relationship with my Melbourne hair stylist, Maryanne when I moved to Western Australia in 2010. I followed her to 3 different salons as she moved and ventured into her own business, and when it came time for me to leave we exchanged parting gifts, tears and promises to stay in touch.

So when I landed in Geraldton I was heartbroken. Lost. Wondering if I’d ever find that stylist bond again. I let my split ends go wild and my colour grow and fade out. It was months before I got the courage to find someone. And when I decided to plunge back into another hairdresser relationship, the first thing I did was hit Google.

Hair & beauty therapy is about confidence

As hair and beauty therapists, you’re in the business of making your clients feel confident with a self-esteem boosting new hair style, or freshly pampered face and body. But as you know, it takes trust for your clients to place their confidence in your hands in the first place. And for new customers (like me) it can be daunting to court a new stylist or beauty therapist.

That’s where a website comes in

Get ahead of the competition

I was surprised at how few Geraldton hairdressers had websites (or how few showed up in Google search results despite having a website). I had the same experience trying to find a new beauty therapist for waxing. And that’s crazy considering I’ve since learnt there’s over 40 hair and beauty salons in Geraldton servicing a population just under 40,000.

Instill confidence with potential clients

The only hair salon website I could see in Google was DY Hairdressing. I went through their site and was impressed by what I saw. They ticked all my boxes in terms of information I need to evaluate them and decide whether to entrust my confidence (and wash basin confidences) in them.

Other salons had directory listings with very little info so I discounted them. After a survey of work colleagues, I decided to give DY a go and we’re still courting (though I still miss Maryanne).

Take a leaf from online dating (we’ve all had a go at some point). When you’re researching the candidates, you want information and and photos to evaluate them. You screen. Hairdressing is about long-term relationships so put your salon and your brand personality out there. Set up a compelling profile and the dates clients will come knocking.

Capture the new arrivals to Geraldton

A website is most effective for people like me who are new to town. And if government growth projections are right, there’ll be thousands of new arrivals to Geraldton in the next decade.

When we’re new to town, we have very few local Facebook friends to ask. And Facebook’s search just doesn’t cut it. So we Google. Having a website that comes up in Google will put you in front of those who don’t for new business inquiries. No brainer.

Convert your print ads and word of mouth referrals

A website is also a great tool to convert clients from your print ads in the Guardian, Yellow Pages or Mid West Community Directory and from word of mouth referrals, as many potential clients will look you up before calling.

Key website content to convert potential clients

  • Stylist and therapist profiles (very important, yet so few salons do this)
  • Photos – of the salon, treatments and styles (preferably real client photos)
  • Service list with prices
  • Products and brands
  • Location map
  • Opening hours
  • Client testimonials.

How much will a website cost you?

Just 2 to 3 new clients could cover the cost of your website in a year. The dozens more you score will be a bonus!

Contact me for a quick quote. I can get you up and running in a couple of weeks and build your website right to get you strong exposure in Google. And I encourage you to ask other Blaze Digital clients about us first – just as  you would when choosing a new hairdresser.

Just remember that not all web designers have the SEO skills to get your website on the first page of Google or the strategic design skills to convert web visitors to customers. That’s why there’s a few Geraldton hair salons who have websites, but don’t come up in search engine results.  So choose your web designer carefully.

About Jen Hanrahan
I'm a web designer, internet marketer and local SEO specialist based in the seaside town of Geraldton, Mid West WA.