Web Design


Is your existing website in need of a serious makeover, but you don’t want to pay through the nose for web design? Are you starting up a business and want an affordable website that ranks well in search engines? Have you been stuck using an agency’s proprietary content management software that’s expensive to customise or upgrade and requires a technical degree to operate? Are you being held to ransom by a web developer who charges you each time you want to make a simple content update?

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Search Engine Marketing

SearchMany businesses are missing out on a large volume of potential website visitors simply because they don’t come up in search engine results. Some focus all their efforts on print, radio or TV advertising and don’t worry about their website or whether they can be found in Google or Bing. But in reality, many people still go to your website or look you up after viewing your ‘offline’ ads. And most people who are looking for your service will start by ‘Googling’ it.

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Social Media Marketing

Social media

There’s more to social media marketing than setting up a Facebook page. It’s about about making genuine personal connections with your stakeholders – whether they’re customers, staff, media or other interested parties. It’s about inspiring your stakeholders and making it easy for them to promote you and interact with you in their social networks and online hangouts. Any website or application that lets people contribute, comment or share is social media. Most businesses these days have some form of social media sharing or user contribution. If you don’t, it’s time to get on board.

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Email Database Marketing

Are you a member-based organisation such as a gym or community organisation? Do you provide an ongoing professional or personal service such as hair & beauty therapy, personal training, recruitment or dental? Are you a retailer looking to set up a loyalty program or promote sales and specials to your regular customers? Do you want to acquire more new customers? If done right, email marketing is a great way to build a relationship with your clients and ultimately, grow your business.

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Web Copywriting


If your brand was a person, how would you describe him/her? Cheeky and cheerful or intelligent and professional? Bland and boring or bright, fresh and engaging? I’d say mine would be a young(ish), caffeinated, barefoot professional with a broad grin. She wears glasses sometimes and is a bit of a nerd. But I digress… Having an authentic, distinct and personal character reflected in your language can be the difference between converting a website visitor into a one-off customer, or into fan and follower.

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Online Marketing Campaigns

Are you launching a new business or new brand? Do you want help promoting your event or sale to boost attendance? Do you want to acquire more new customers? Are you after a cost-effective way to promote and fundraise for your cause? Do you want to get more value from your existing customers? Whatever your business need, we can come up with an online marketing campaign to meet your objectives.

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Website Management

website management

Unlike printed publications, websites are never finished. They need constant attention to ensure they continue to work in regularly updated web browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome or Safari, and with ever evolving operating systems – which these days has extended to mobile phones. And that’s just the maintenance. Websites also need ongoing content back-ups and updates – whether it’s adding new products or services, sales promotions or news to name a few. A Blaze Digital website management plan will ensure we keep your website working and up-to-date.

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