Web Copywriting: The Power of Words on Your Website

If your brand was a person, how would you describe him/her? Cheeky and cheerful or intelligent and professional? Bland and boring or bright, fresh and engaging?

I’d say mine would be a young(ish), caffeinated, barefoot professional with a broad grin. She wears glasses sometimes and is a bit of a nerd. But I digress…

Having an authentic, distinct and personal character reflected in your language can be the difference between converting a website visitor into a one-off customer, or into fan and follower.

The Power of Web Copywriting

While good web interace design plays a big part in creating your visitor’s first impression and guiding their pathway through your website, cleverly crafted text that’s written by a professional web copywriter, will help make a connection with the reader, draw them in, build their trust and ultimately, persuade them to take the action you desire.

Copywriting for Search Engines

What many fail to realise is that when you’re copywriting for the web, you have two key audiences: humans and search engine robots (sometimes known as web spiders, web crawlers or my favourite, web bots). The human part is about making a connection as outlined above. The search engine part is about giving the robots all they need to rank you highly in their search engine results. It’s simple really. Search engines want their visitors to see the most relevant and useful content for their search query. Websites which fulfil that need best will rank higher.

At Blaze, we speak fluent Search Engine Robot and have a track record in getting our websites in the top results through SEO. This involves optimising your content to include relevant keyword phrases (but not overdoing it); including links and pathways in and out of your site, to and from credible sources; and having quality, accessible content.


We start the copy writing process with a consultation to understand you, your brand, values and your offering. We review your market and competitors and then profile and understand your target audience and their needs.

Our web copy writing rates are not only affordable, they get results.

  • Website Copywriting:  We can write your copy from scratch or edit your supplied content to ensure it speaks to your target audience AND search engines. We cover everything and it’s the small stuff that really makes a difference including form labels, error messages, confirmation pages and emails.
  • eNewsletter Copywriting:  As your eNews copy writer, we will help you decide content, angles and write your articles.
  • Online Advertising Creative Copywriting:  You have only a few words to persuade that click. It’s harder than you think, but we love the challenge.
  • Blog Copywriting: We can write search engine optimised blogs for your website or for your guest posts on other websites to position you as a thought leader in your field and promote your services.
About Jen Hanrahan
I'm a web designer, internet marketer and local SEO specialist based in the seaside town of Geraldton, Mid West WA.