Benefits of eNewsletters

Do you value relationships?

Are you a member-based organisation such as a gym or community organisation?

Do you provide an ongoing professional or personal service such as hair & beauty therapy, personal training or allied health?

Are you a retailer looking to set up a loyalty program or promote sales and specials to your regular customers?

Do you want to acquire more new customers?

If done right, email marketing is a great way to build a relationship with your clients and ultimately, grow your business.

Get results with a branded eNewsletter

Email newsletters or eNewsletters are a cost-effective way to keep in touch with clients or members, or even convert new leads into customers. They can be personalised to your reader and used to promote events and sales, offer discounts, conduct surveys, prompt word-of-mouth promotion, or simply keep stakeholders informed and engaged.

With the right targeting including time of day and relevant content, you can generate immediate action. Bear in mind a lot of people check their personal email on their phones.

Benefits of an online email broadcasting service

Using an online email marketing service like MailChimp or Active Campaigns provides a number of benefits over hard-copy newsletter mail-outs or sending out through your own email client such as Outlook or Gmail.

Powerful delivery & usage reports

You get real-time reports that show you who has opened your messages, forwarded them to friends, and which links they have clicked.

Cheaper than postage mail-outs

Instead of spending from 60 cents postage per newsletter, email broadcasting fees can cost from as little as nothing per email to just 10 cents an email (depending on features of the service, size of your list and how often you send).

Easy-to-use branded templates

You can present yourself professionally and present your content in the optimum way to generate action, without needing any technical programming or design skills.

Social media sharing buttons

Buttons can be embedded into your newsletter so your readers can easily share each story/item with their friends and followers.

You won’t get blocked as spam

When you send large mail-outs from Outlook or other mail clients, many incoming mail servers will think you are spam and block your message from getting through. Email broadcasting systems are set-up to ensure your messages get though.

eNewsletter Start-up Package

Blaze Digital can assist you with the following:

  • Consultation and Email Marketing Plan – We will analyse your business needs and recommend a plan including the frequency, timing and content of mail-outs.
  • Email Marketing Account Set-up – We will set up your email marketing account so that you can easily login, create and broadcast messages to your list.
  • Custom Branded Template – We can design & set up an eNews template or a set of templates for different communications.
  • Mailing list/database set up – We will import and format your existing list or create a new database with all the right fields for your needs.
  • Training and Support – We will run through your first mail-out with you and provide ongoing phone or email support to assit in your future mail-outs.

Additional eNewsletter Services

  • We can embed an eNewsletter subscribe form into your website or add an opt-in button on user account registration forms to help you grow your database.
  • We can write or send your eNewsletters for you.
  • We can help you run an online marketing campaign or promotion to generate more leads/emails for your database.
  • We can set up a branded email signature for you and your staff.
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